Model sets for ÖSD KID exams: Preparation for children

18. October 2023
Model Sets for KID exams are available on our Homepage.
Model sets for the KID A1 and KID A2 exams.

Learning German is a great thing for children.

According to the United Nations , children often learn languages more effortlessly than adults, but when they have to prepare for the final exam, it is important that they are motivated and practise. The Austrian Language Diploma in German (ÖSD) offers special model sentences for preparing for the ÖSD exams.

Advantages of the model sentences for children

Gain familiarity with the examination tasks:
They get to know the format of the exam, including the structure and type of questions. This reduces exam anxiety and increases children’s confidence.

Language preparation: The model sets cover different language aspects, including reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing and speaking. By working through the exercises, the children improve their skills in these areas.

Time management: The model sentences also help the children to improve their time management during the exam. They learn how much time they should spend on each task in order to work efficiently and complete each part of the exam.

Advantages of the model sets for teachers and examiners

Structured lesson preparation: The model sets provide teachers with a clear structure for exam preparation and help to introduce students to the exam format. They can design the preparation using the model sets and ensure that all relevant topics are covered.

Assessment of performance: By assessing performance using the model sentences, teachers can better understand the individual needs of the students. They can identify which areas of German are particularly challenging for students and provide targeted support accordingly.

Interactive lesson planning: The model sentences provide teachers with preparatory material that they can use in class. They can use the model sentences as a basis for exercises, discussions and group activities to make lessons interactive and engaging.

Model sets are a valuable help for teachers and children preparing for the ÖSD KID German exam. They help children to familiarise themselves with the exam tasks and improve their language skills. Teachers can use model sentences to structure exam preparation and identify the individual needs of their students.

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How do I get the model sets?
Digital version: The model sentences can be downloaded free of charge from the ÖSD website.
Teachers can visit the official ÖSD website. Under the heading “Download” you will find a selection of different model sets. Here you can easily download the model sets for the KID exams free of charge.

Bound edition: The model sets can also be ordered in a bound edition.
The bound edition of the model sentences can be ordered via the ÖSD webshop.

Free download of the model sets: