Practice material for ÖSD KID exams: Preparation for children

06. December 2023
Übungsmaterialien zur KID A1 und KID A2 Prüfung

To support this learning, there are the ÖSD practice materials for the KID A1 and KID A2 exams. You do not know how such materials help children? We would like to describe the advantages in more detail here.

Familiarity with the exam format: Practice materials are structured similarly to the actual exam. By practicing the individual task formats, children learn to deal better with texts and to search for suitable solutions in a more targeted manner.

The training of skills and knowledge: Through targeted practice, children can not only train the exam format itself, but also improve their German language skills; with each task, vocabulary and comprehension expand.

Build self-confidence: It is precisely this improved ability that strengthens self-confidence and subsequently minimizes exam stress. This helps to increase performance on the exam and support children on their path to success.

Other benefits include better time management, the recognition and elimination of weaknesses, and the repetition of what has already been learned. However, there are not only advantages for children, but also for teachers and examiners. Whether you want to integrate different skills into your lessons or exchange ideas with colleagues to work on a competency-based teaching concept, the ÖSD practice materials will help you in the following ways:

Effective lesson planning: For example, you can use the practice materials to integrate all exam-relevant competencies into the classroom. In fact, as a complement to an interactive lesson, these assignments provide plenty of new topics for you to cover in your lessons.

Advice and support: Since the structure of the practice materials is similar to the exams, it is easier for you as a teacher or examiner to better understand the performance of your participants and to identify weaknesses. As a result, children can be advised and supported on a more individual and competency-related level.

Exchange and collaboration: However, practice materials can not only be helpful in terms of preparing lessons for learners. Teachers and examiners can also use practice materials to collaborate with colleagues and other education experts. The exchange of different methods and materials can improve the quality of teaching and exam preparation. Subsequently, new teaching concepts can also be created. With that, we have just mentioned a few advantages. See for yourself and order your practice materials here:

In principle, you have two options: You can either opt for a digital version, where you can buy the KID practice sets online and download them directly. Or you can choose the hardcover edition, which you can also order via the ÖSD webshop and will be delivered directly to your address.

In any case, we hope you enjoy practicing with your students!