5 advantages of ÖSD KID German exams for your school!

18. October 2023
ÖSD KID German exam, teaching in a classroom.
ÖSD KID exam

German as a foreign language or second language is already taught at your school?

Wonderful! Offer ÖSD KID German exams in addition to the regular school program! The advantages speak for themselves:

    • Exams especially for children

Children learn differently – and our ÖSD KID exams take this into account in many ways. Not only the tasks, but also the choice of topics is adapted to the children’s world. The main focus is on the simple and direct exchange of information about things that are familiar to children.
You can find concrete examples of this in our KID model sets, which we make available to you as a free download here:

    • Internationally recognized diploma as motivation

As a member of ALTE, ÖSD KID certificates are internationally recognized and a nice confirmation of one’s own performance, of which the children can be justifiably proud – this motivates and spurs them on! In addition, ÖSD KID exams are an excellent preparation for the final German exams in your country’s school system.

    • Clear competitive advantage

Internationally recognized proof of German language proficiency, such as that offered by the ÖSD KID exam, can be helpful for your students when applying for internships or summer jobs, as well as when looking for apprenticeships.

    • Unique selling point

As an examination center for ÖSD KID examinations, you will stand out positively in competition with other educational institutions in your region, thus enhancing your school’s reputation.

    • Customized solutions for your school location

There are different licensing models for examination centers to guarantee that the examinations are conducted correctly without making them a burden for your teachers. In a joint discussion it will be agreed which license is most suitable for your school. We also provide our own ÖSD KID practice materials, which can be easily integrated into the classroom, and digital test training. This way, your students will be top prepared!

Have we sparked your interest? Then write to us! Our marketing department is the first point of contact for all your questions: lizenzierung@osd.at