European Languages Day on 26th of September

18. October 2023
Europäischer Tag der Sprachen - Grafik
Quelle/Source: edl.ecml.at

Learning languages – for better understanding between cultures

The European Day of Languages on 26 September is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of language learning and cultural diversity. On this day, many language and cultural institutes, associations, universities and schools participate in a wide range of events and activities taking place across the European Union.

More than 700 million citizens from the 46 member states of the Council of Europe are encouraged to learn new languages at every stage of their lives, both in and out of school. This initiative is supported by the Council of Europe and the European Commission, which firmly believe that linguistic diversity makes a significant contribution to better understanding between cultures and is one of the central elements of our continent’s cultural heritage.

Since 2001, therefore, the European Day of Languages has been celebrated in Strasbourg on 26 September, at the instigation of the Council of Europe, in close cooperation with the European Commission.

The European Commission’s central event is an online conference on 26 September. This year, the focus is on EU programmes such as Erasmus+ and the European Platform for School Education , which aim to support language teachers in particular.

The online event will be linked to the many European Day of Languages activities taking place in the Member States of the European Union. Young people, teachers and other participants will share their experiences of languages and how they affect their lives.

In addition, 2023 will be the European Year of Competences. Multilingualism will be highlighted as one of eight key competences essential for personal fulfilment, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, employability, active citizenship and social inclusion.

DThe German Language – our contribution to the European Day of Languages

With its competence and quality, the Austrian Language Diploma in German (ÖSD) is also an integral part of the European language families. For almost 30 years, it has been making a significant contribution to the status of the German language with globally recognised German certificates.

An inspiring video for the European Day of Languages