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Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (ÖSD) is a state-approved testing and assessment system for German as a foreign and second language. ÖSD exams have a communicative approach, assessing the linguistic and communicative ability of candidates within everyday situations. ÖSD exams align with international standards and are internationally recognized as proof of language competence in German. They are also independent of German language courses and are carried out and assessed according to unified standards. ÖSD also offers special exams specifically for migrants in Austria.

Benefits of ÖSD

  • ÖSD certificates are internationally recognized.
  • ÖSD certificates are independent from language courses, allowing you to take the exam without having to attend a full language course.
  • ÖSD exams have a communicative approach, predominantly assessing the linguistic and communicative ability of candidates in real-life situations.
  • ÖSD exams are a preparation for the linguistic reality in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The language differences of these German-speaking countries are considered equal and are incorporated into each exam.
  • ÖSD exams are conducted and assessed according to unified standards.

ÖSD offers 16 different exams on the 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1–C2). Every year more than 100,000 candidates take an ÖSD exam in one of approximately 400 licenced exam centres worldwide.


1. Where can I sit for an ÖSD exam?

ÖSD exams are offered worldwide. You can find a list of all ÖSD exam centres here.

2. When is the next exam date?

You can find all upcoming exam dates here. For further exam date information or for other enquiries, please contact the respective exam centre directly.

3. How and when can I register for an exam?

You can find all exam dates and contacts here. However, please register directly with the exam centre of your choice to receive detailed information and registration requirements.

4. What do I need to register for an exam?

A valid identity document (passport, identity card, etc.) is required for registration. For further information, please contact your respective ÖSD exam centre.

5. Can I sit for an exam as a person with special needs?

Depending upon the type and level of impairment (e.g. reading, writing, visual or hearing difficulties), the ÖSD head office offers individual measures that enable a fair and barrier-free sitting of the exam.

Information for candidates with special needs can be found here. For specific questions, please contact the exam centre of your choice or the ÖSD head office directly.

6. How much does the exam cost?

Exam fees vary, depending upon the level of the exam, the country where you wish to take the exam and the exam centre. Please contact your exam centre directly to find out about individual fees.

7. Which exam should I take?

Our free online sample tests will assist you in finding the particular level best fitting your abilities. After registering, the exam centre of your choice will offer advice and guidance on exam preparation.

In order to fulfil module 1 and 2 of the Austrian Integration Agreement, you must sit a special integration exam comprising of both linguistics (A2 or B1 content) and questions regarding Austrian values and orientation. You can find further information here.

8. How can I prepare for the exam?

Many examination centers offer their own preparation courses, but there are also various options to prepare yourself for an ÖSD exam at home:

8.1 Sample tests

Be sure to look at the sample tests before taking the exam. This gives you a first impression of how an ÖSD exam is structured. You can order the sample tests either in bound format or you can download them here for free.

8.2 Training materials for exam preparation

We also recommend our training materials for exam preparation which you can order online. The books contain the sample test with solutions, further training tests, detailed tips for all tasks of the exam, general information on the examination and a CD with the audio texts.

8.3 Test-Training digital

With the Test-Training digital you can try out the sample tests online for free. Take the reading and listening subtests and then review your answers. In the writing subtest, you can write your own texts, but these will not be assessed. For comparison, you will find sample texts at the end.

8.4 ÖSD Probeprüfung (trial exam)

During the trial exam, your performance will be assessed by our ÖSD experts like in a real exam. You will not only receive a grade but also detailed feedback on your performance and thus on your learning progress. With the oral trial exam, you can also experience an authentic exam situation and prepare for your exam date in the best possible way.

You can book your appointment here.

9. How often can I take or repeat an exam?

You can take each exam or module any number of times. For exams with two modules, the written component (reading, listening, writing) must be repeated as a whole. In the case of a failed exam, we recommend a minimum of four weeks before retaking the exam.

10. Where and when do I get my ÖSD certificate?

Your exam centre will provide all information regarding your ÖSD certificate.