Only real certificates have real value!

All ÖSD certificates are globally recognised official and legally protected documents with copyright. Protect yourself from forgeries!
On the Internet, in chat forums, on social media platforms and in messenger services, there are many attempts to defraud people in connection with forged German certificates.
Using a forged certificate is a violation of applicable law and can have criminal consequences.


↓ Consequences of fake certificates ↓

Consequences of fake certificates


Internet users are deceived with fraudulent intent. For illegal and thus worthless “certificates” (excessive) amounts of money are demanded.


The organised trade and the use of forged certificates are a criminal act and will lead to a police report.

Lifetime ban

Anyone who wants to use forged certificates risks a permanent ban from taking ÖSD German exams to obtain real certificates.

Recognising forgeries – here's what you should look out for

Requirements for a real German certificate:


  • Is the provider on our list of licensed ÖSD exam centres? You can find these under: Search for exam centres
  • For a real ÖSD certificate, you can only take the ÖSD exam in person.
  • Never give your ÖSD registration data to an unknown provider.

Such promises are illegal:


  • A provider sells “original” ÖSD certificates with or without an exam.
  • You are guaranteed that you will pass the German exam.
  • Someone offers to take the exam for you for a fee.
  • You are offered that the exam registration is taken for you against payment.

Over 400 licensed exam centres worldwide.

You are still unsure? In the list of our worldwide ÖSD exam centres you will find all officially licensed institutions.

Find an official exam centre

Buying a German certificate – Beware of forgers and scammers

You would like to buy a German certificate?

The idea of buying a certificate without taking an exam may seem tempting. However, this is not a solution and may have legal consequences.

Buying a German certificate is not worth it!

There are numerous offers circulating on the internet that promise to award a German certificate without an exam. However, these offers are not only illegal, but also dubious. You risk not only your money but also legal consequences if you get involved in such shady dealings.

The reality: No certificate without an exam!

Obtaining a German certificate requires time and commitment. It is not possible to obtain a recognised certificate without taking an exam. These exams are important to ensure that you really have the required language skills shown on the certificate.

Our recommendation: Contact official examination centres.

On our website you will find comprehensive information on where and how to take exams. Only contact official ÖSD exam centres listed on our website: Find an exam centre