New ÖSD examination centre: vielfalt

19. January 2024

vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH is regarded as an outstanding institution in the field of German as a second language. Their educational program is characterized by tailor-made and needs-based approaches that focus on the person as an individual. Now “vielfalt” is also an ÖSD examination centre.

The focus of vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH is on supporting people with a migration background in their integration. Vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH helps these people to take advantage of all the opportunities in the new country. Companies are also supported in supporting their employees individually.

Strengths of the institution: expertise, experience, and flexibility

The strengths of vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH lie in the expertise, experience, and flexibility of its team. These factors enable personalized customer care as well as customized and needs-based services.

Diversity as a basic principle

Diversity and transcultural interaction are not only of great importance to customers, but also within the organization. These basic principles create an atmosphere of trust and underline the effectiveness of the services offered.

A wide range of language courses

vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH presents a wide range of courses to acquire and deepen German and dialectal everyday language. The offer ranges from regular courses and special courses that meet the individual needs of participants and clients to exam preparation courses and language exams. The language course programme is rounded off by educational offers for companies and organisations that meet the increasing demand for technical language in the workplace as well as the regional language specifics.

Flexibility through parallel courses

In order to enable people who work shifts to take part in courses, the institution offers so-called parallel courses. In addition, most courses work with specially compiled teaching materials. This enables a particularly high degree of customer and demand orientation.

Improvement of German language skills and integration

vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH strives not only to support participants in improving or deepening their German language skills, but also to actively contribute to integration. In addition to German courses, the institution offers ÖSD language exams, which facilitate the path to Austrian citizenship and improve career opportunities.
For the completion of the German courses or the German exams, the participants have the opportunity to take advantage of various subsidies (e.g. education update allowance from the state of Tyrol).

Looking to the future

Vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH hopes for a growing number of course participants who will also take their language exams at the institution. In order to meet the increasing demand, other interested parties will also be given the opportunity to register for ÖSD examinations.

The range of German exams offered by the ÖSD

At the ÖSD exam centre vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH, ÖSD examinations can be taken at level ZB2.
Vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH is an Ö-Cert quality provider.

vielfalt – Bildungs- & Betreuungs GmbH
Ansprechperson: Laszlo Csörgö MA
Hüttstraße 23
6250 Kundl


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