The new training dates for 2024 are online!

03. January 2024
Traning dates 2024 now online.

Your chance to become an ÖSD examiner is now here

You are happy about the success of others, perhaps you run a language course yourself and would like to hold German exams at different levels? Then become part of the ÖSD now and join in an ÖSD examiner training course – regardless of location and at levels A1–C1. In 2024, we will again have numerous dates for all levels. Decide on the level and module you want, choose a date and get started!

Job profile

We have aroused your interest and you would like to know what requirements you need for this? In addition to a high level of social competence, an important point is your own language skills. If you want to test levels A1–B1, you need an internationally recognized language certificate at a very good C1 level. All higher levels (B2–C2) can only be tested if you have a very good C2 level yourself.
Apart from this, there are other important requirements: subject-specific training, relevant teaching experience and knowledge of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL) and Profile deutsch.


You meet the requirements and are now wondering what our training courses look like? In principle, the training is divided into three parts:

  • an asynchronous phase (pre-qualification)
  • a synchronous (online) phase
  • the processing of practice examination (initial qualification)

In the first part, you will be provided with videos that offer basic information to assess each language level. For this, you should plan 6 to 8 hours of working time for both examination modules (written and oral). In the second part, the synchronous phase of the training, content is reviewed, assessments are discussed, and open questions are dealt with. After that, there is only one third step missing: Within 2 months, you have to assess two exams per exam module. And then? After successful certification, you will have the opportunity to work as an examiner at one of our more than 400 examination centres. The examiner’s license is valid for 3 years from the date of issue – but don’t worry, you can renew it after it expires completing a follow-up qualification.

Become an ÖSD examiner

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