ÖSD exam centre at the University Lemberg

23. September 2018

On the 17th September, 2018, the new ÖSD exam centre at the National Iwan Franko University was formally introduced. Our Branch Manager from ÖSD Vienna, Mag. Brigitte Mitteregger and vice-rector Prof. Dr. Maria Zubrytska signed the agreement in the presence of an exalted Austrian delegation. Four examination dates per year will be scheduled, and the first was held successfully on the 22nd of September, only a few days after the introduction. Centre manager, Mag. Diana Popfaluschi is in charge of the professional conduct of the exams and we are looking forward to a successful cooperation.
There were several reasons for celebrating on the 17th of September: the OeAD-office in Lemberg, where our exam centre is situated was celebrating their 20th anniversary and also honouring their head, Mag. Andreas Wenninger for his longstanding service. For 18 years Wenninger has been fostering the development of Austrian-Ukranian relations in science, education and culture. He was honoured with the Golden Crest of the city Lemberg. Congratulations!