ÖSD exam date fixed? Now it's time to PRACTISE!

Our preparation tools

Anxiety reduction: Improve skills by constantly practising the formats in a stress-free context and recall learned material in exam situtations.

Individualised learning paths: better cater to the needs and learning styles of the participants. Make preparation more entertaining and increase your participants’ motivation with interactive exercises and various learning formats.

Comprehensive exam preparation: Familiarise with the exam formats through specific exercises, solutions, comments and additional information.

Digital placement test

Easily measure your participants' learning progress with our language level assessment tool.

Test now!

Sample test brochures

Sample exam and information
Get a first look at the ÖSD exam format – with solutions, information, and comments. Use the sample test brochures as support material for your lessons.


Practice materials

More information, more examples
Would you like to provide your participants with even more examples and exercises? Use the extensive practice materials for targeted skills training and to simulate exam scenarios.



Active and playful learning
Still afraid of the exam despite preparation? Add playful facets to your lessons and prepare your participants for their next ÖSD exam in a fun way! With the ÖSD memory game.


frequently asked questions

Here you will find useful information about the registration, procedure and recognition of ÖSD examinations. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on +43 1 319 3395.

  • What is the ÖSD?
    The ÖSD is a non-profit organisation who develop internationally recognized exams for German as a foreign or second language. "ÖSD" stands for "Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch" as well as "Österreich, Schweiz, Deutschland" (Austria, Switzerland, Germany). Our exams are communicative- and pluricentric-oriented, cover all levels (A1–C2) corresponding to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and incorporate different standard variations of the German language.
  • How can I prepare for an ÖSD exam?
    In any case, you should familiarize yourself with the respective exam and the corresponding tasks. Many ÖSD examination centers offer targeted preparation courses for individual exams. In addition, ÖSD offers you further tools to prepare for your exam:  
    • Take a look at the respective sample tests before you sit for the exam. This will give you a first impression of how an ÖSD exam is structured.
    • We also recommend our practice materials. In addition to our existing sample tests containing solutions, these provide further practice tests, comments on the exams with advice on solving them, general information on the exams and an audio CD with listening texts.
    • Test-Training digital gives you an insight into our exams. In addition, you can also try them online.
    • Finally, ÖSD offers the possibility of taking a mock exam, where your performance will be evaluated by our ÖSD experts just like in a real exam. You will not only receive a grade, but also detailed feedback on your performance and experience an authentic exam situation.
  • Does ÖSD offer preparation courses?
    If you wish to attend a preparation course, please contact the respective exam centre. You will receive detailed information on preparation courses and exam dates there.
  • How can I become an ÖSD examiner?
    In order to become an ÖSD examiner, you have to fit the profile requirements for an ÖSD examiner and participate in ÖSD examiner training. The training consists of an introductory presentation, as well as one exam and level-specific training. Two trial assessments for each exam/level must be submitted within two months of the training. Upon successful completion of this initial qualification, you will receive an ÖSD examiner licence and are thereby permitted to conduct examinations. To extend the validity of your examiner licence, regular requalification is required.
  • Does ÖSD offer training courses to become a teacher of German as a foreign language / German as a second language?
    ÖSD does not offer any training courses to become a teacher of German as a foreign language / German as a second language. Please enquire at a university or college of education or at one of the recognized educational institutions (such as VÖV or the Goethe Institute) who offer certificate courses.