ÖSD gladly presents the new exam centre in Cebu, Phillippines

20. October 2016
© iricoyh/pixabay

Our new exam centre HDC Knowledge Center Cebu, chaired by Herbert Walter received its ÖSD licence on the 18th October, 2016 after conducting their first exams successfully. Herbert Walter, Andreas Schulze and Lou Wolff participated in the usual examiner training (for the levels A1 to B1) and with their professional knowledge, held the first A1 level exams successfully. The 11 candidates showed mostly good A1 skills and are now prepared to start working as nurses in German-speaking regions.

Their institute offers a professional framework for the conduct of ÖSD exams and has already scheduled dates for both B1 and B2 exams. We are excited about the expansion of ÖSD exam centres in Asia and are looking forward to many more candidates in Cebu! A warm welcome and special thanks to the team of examiners chaired by Herbert Walter, especially for their preparedness and the enjoyable atmosphere they provided to their candidates, both before and after the exams.