5 reasons why the ÖSD prepares you for university

22. March 2024
5 reasons why ÖSD is important for your studies!

There is a connection between the Austrian German Language Diploma (ÖSD) and university: The ÖSD German certificate can help you in your university career.

The ÖSD certificate as proof of linguistic competence

The ÖSD language certificate can open doors for those who wish to study at a German-speaking university. It serves as proof of language competence for many universities. While most universities require a C1 level of German for enrolment, a few require a B2 level. It is important to note that the required language level may vary depending on the field of study. We have summarised the required language levels below. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to find out in advance!
However, the ÖSD language diploma offers benefits beyond being a prerequisite for studying. The German language certificate can also be advantageous in an international context and for career advancement. Learning a language means gaining new perspectives and broadening horizons, which also enhances intercultural understanding – another positive aspect for your portfolio.

The ÖSD exam: more than just a German certificate

Upon successfully completing the ÖSD German exam, you will receive a certificate. The preparation phase for the exam also provides valuable skills for your academic career. Here are a few reasons why…

Skills training in reading and listening comprehension

Everyone sleeping, no one listening?… No, that’s not how university teaching actually works! Nevertheless, there are always phases in which your reading and listening comprehension is put to the test. After all, academic lectures and texts are not easy fare.
However, preparation for the ÖSD exam can provide a good foundation for understanding. To prepare for academic success, it is recommended to study linguistically complex topics, particularly at the C level.

Develop communication skills (speaking, writing)

Are you ready to be an active participant in your university experience? We’re asking, because you will be the one expected to speak, write, produce, and communicate effectively. Gone are the days of simply sitting in a lecture theatre and passively absorbing information. Many teachers are now embracing the concept of the inverted or flipped classroom, which allows for more student-led communication and collaboration. Productive skills are another reason why the ÖSD German exam prepares you for university.
When preparing for your exam, consider the scientific context. Pay attention to repeated phrases and frequently used expressions. These are also important for the German B2, C1, and C2 language exams. The vocabulary and sentence structure are crucial at these language levels.

Learn exam strategies

Do you know your learning style and the most effective methods for you? This topic is often addressed in school, but for some, their learning style may change over time due to personal changes.
As you prepare for the ÖSD exam, consider it a trial run for future exams. Dealing with various learning formats is not the only concern. Other factors, such as nervousness and test anxiety, also play a role.

Self-management and time management

Finally, meeting university requirements requires good self-management and time management skills. This includes managing your own projects, using study time efficiently, planning seminar papers, and coordinating various courses. Studying at a university requires self-direction, which can sometimes be overwhelming.
However, preparing for the ÖSD German exam also requires personal responsibility. There are institutions that offer exam preparation courses. However, it is essential to organize your own time to practice for the exam.

Therefore, do not wait any longer! Enhance your personal profile, learn more about learning methods, and organize your German learning calendar. The date for your ÖSD German exam has already been set, so all you have to do is register for it.