Exam co-ordination

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Exams can only be conducted by institutions and language schools that have been granted an ÖSD licence.

Requirements for being granted an ÖSD licence

At each examination centre a local examination board shall be appointed consisting of the person responsible for the examinations and the examination staff. This committee shall ensure compliance with the licence agreement and the examination regulations. It shall be the ÖSD’s contact.
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Examination procedures

Exams are usually conducted decentrally, which means that they are conducted at the individual examination centres and held before the local examination board. Exams are only carried out by authorised examiners.
The exams themselves are produced centrally and they are repeatedly tested before use, analyzed statistically and revised accordingly.
The requested number of exam packages is sealed and shipped securely to the examination centres only shortly before the examination date.
The individual examination centres commit themselves to complying with the examination regulations and the licence agreement as concluded with the ÖSD.

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Examination fees

The ÖSD sets the fee per examination in accordance with customary charges in that particular country. This fee is recorded in the licence agreement. The individual examinations centres are responsible for collecting the fees, taking account of any variations as laid down in the licence agreement.
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Generally, an examination centre can set up to six examination dates per year.
The dates for the written exams are fixed in consultation with the ÖSD.
The oral exams take place within 2 weeks of the written examination.
The exact number of candidates from Austrian examination centres has to be announced at least 4 weeks before the exam and the number of candidates from other countries at least 6 weeks in advance of the exam.
Each examination centre must use its password card when registering candidates.

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Exam preparation

The ÖSD provides appropriate practice materials for teachers, language instructors and learners (see order form) to prepare for ÖSD exams.
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Training programme for ÖSD examiners

Only those persons who have participated in the ÖSD training programme are authorised to conduct ÖSD exams. Each examinations centre should have at least two examiners as the written part has to be corrected by two certified examiners and the oral part has to be held and assessed by two certified examiners.
If necessary, certified examiners from other examination centres can be arranged by the ÖSD on request.
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The number of points a candidate gets and the number of points they need to pass the exam are defined in the grading guidelines set by the ÖSD and these are binding.
All the examinations have to be taken at one sitting (oral part within 14 days of the written part), with the exception of Zertifikat B1. When candidates pass the written and the oral examination they will be awarded their diplomas.
Candidates do not have to pass the written exam in order to take the oral exam.
Should candidates only pass one part of the exam (written or oral), they may retake the failed part within one year. 
The written and the oral parts of the exam can only be taken in their entirety at levels A1, A2, B2, C1 and C2 and not be further divided into sub-tests.

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Other regulations

Answers to questions like excluding candidates from exams, retaking exams, access to examination records, objections, documentation, examination supervision as well as details of the examination procedure itself can be found in the ÖSD examination regulations and in the handouts for examiners for the different exam levels.
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