Training for examiners

Training for examiners

The ÖSD training programme for examiners can only be attended by teachers working at ÖSD examination centres.

Participation is subject to certain conditions and those wishing to register must do so in writing.

NOTE: Modules can be booked independently, but have to be attended consecutively (e.g. B2  before C1).


Our training courses for ÖSD-examiners are only offered in German. Please refer to the German pages for the dates of our trainings in Vienna and Klagenfurt.

Training modules 1 - 7:

Module 1*Basis module: General, organisation and test theory
Module 2A1 Grundstufe 1, A2 Grundstufe Deutsch 2
Module 3A1 KID 1, A2 KID 2
Module 4B1 Zertifikat Deutsch, B1 Zertifikat Deutsch für Jugendliche OR: Zertifikat B1
Module 5B2 Mittelstufe Deutsch
Module 6C1 Oberstufe Deutsch
Module 7C2 Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch

*Modules 1 and 2 are obligatory for all participants of the ÖSD examiners training programme. All other modules can be chosen as desired.

Minimum number of participants per module: 8
Maximum number of participants: 20

Module 3 (A1 KID 1 and A2 KID 2) and module 7 (C2 Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch) are only offered once a year (usually in August) due to lower levels of demand.