Zertifikat B1 (ZB1)

Examination goal

This NEW modular B1 examination, developed as part a tri-national partnership, has been available from the ÖSD since February 2013. 

Zertifikat B1 assesses the ability of independent language use in everyday and professional situations with familiar topics and personal interests. This exam is module-based and the exam modules reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing skills and speaking can be taken independently of each other at different points in time. This exam is for learners above the age of 16, as well as learners between the ages of 12 and 16. 

Zertifikat B1 was developed as a joint product by the ÖSD in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut (GI) and the Center for Language Learning and Research at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland. It has been available from the ÖSD and Goethe-Institut from February 2013. 

Examination parts

Reading comprehension Module
Candidates read blog entries, e-mails, newspaper articles, advertisements and announcements. The block assesses the ability to comprehend key information, selected details, positions and opinions.
Duration: 65 minutes

Listening comprehension Module
Candidates hear announcements, short excerpts, infomal conversations and discussions from radio. This block assesses the ability to comprehend key messages and important details. 
Duration: 40 minutes

Writing skills Module
Candidates write personal and formal e-mails/letters and express their written opinion in a forum contribution. 
Duration: 60 minutes

Speaking Module
Candidates discuss an everyday topic with a partner, reacting to questions, expressing opinions and making suggestions. 
Candidates make a presentation on an everyday topic and answer related questions. 
Duration: 15 minutes

Examination procedure

Candidates are tested and graded by two authorized ÖSD examiners.  

Nach erfolgreicher Teilnahme an der Folgequalifizierung wird Ihre Prüferberechtigung verlängert. Informationen und Anleitung zur Folgequalifizierung

Exam kit

Zertifikat B1 (ZB1)

Here you will find a sample of new
Deutsch Zertifikat B1 exam
(= Modellsatz) that has been offered by the ÖSD since February 2013. There is a version for adults and a version for young people. You can download exam sheets and audio materials here.

Hier finden Sie Videobeispiele zur mündlichen Prüfung