(Kompetenz in Deutsch A2)

Examination goal

ÖSD KID A2 is an exam assessing the language abilities of children and adolescents at an elementary level in basic, everyday communication situations. It focuses on simple, direct exchange of information about familiar, everyday life.
ÖSD KID A2 is an exam for young people between the ages of 10 and 14. It assesses reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing skills and speaking. At this level the main focus is on the receptive skills of reading and listening.

Examination parts

Reading comprehension

Overall and detailed comprehension is assessed in three different texts and tasks.
Duration: 35 minutes

Listening comprehension

Global and detailed comprehension of audio texts in the standard language as spoken in Austria, Germany and Switzerland is assessed in three tasks.
Duration: approx. 15 minutes

Writing skills

Candidates have to reply to an e-mail written by a friend, which involves answering four questions.
Duration: 30 minutes


The oral part consists of two different tasks: introducing oneself using five subject cards handed out shortly before the exam (task 1), conversation with a partner about a joint, planned activity (task 2). The oral part is assessed according to prescribed criteria.
Duration: approx. 10 minutes

Examination centers

ÖSD exams are conducted independently of language courses at licensed ÖSD examination centres all over the world.

Examination dates

Information on dates and registration can be obtained directly from ÖSD examination centres or the ÖSD Central Office in Vienna.

Examination procedure

Candidates are tested and graded by two authorized ÖSD examiners. A diploma will be awarded when both the written and the oral part have been passed. An inspection of the grading sheet is possible on demand.

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Exam kit

(Kompetenz in Deutsch A2)

The following sample test
(= Modellsatz) should assist you in preparing for an authentic exam situation. You can download the exam sheets, the audio materials and the solutions here.